Inexpensive Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

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One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the past year is, “Do you do the Samsung Galaxy repair?” Until recently, we’ve had to say no because the cost of the replacement part was prohibitively expensive. We’re excited to announce that has been fixed (no pun intended). You can now get your cracked Galaxy S3 screen repaired without breaking the bank (pun intended).

Cracked Samsung Galaxy S3

A customer’s cracked Galaxy S3

Update #1: The #1 question we get asked by people reading this post is if we fix the Galaxy S4. The answer to that question is now yes. Check out our Galaxy S4 Repair post.

Update #2: We received a lot of questions on this post and have done a separate post answering the top 12 questions we received. If you finish reading this post and have questions, check that post and comment there if you still have questions.

Before diving into details, let me say how frustrating it is as a company when someone needs your services and you can’t help them. It’s even more frustrating when you technically can help but other factors get in the way. Samsung Galaxy S phones have traditionally fallen into this category for us. We’ve always known how to fix them, but the costs have been prohibitive.

A full Galaxy S3 screen assembly runs about $250 on sites like RepairsUniverse. If we have to pay $250 for the part, there is no way we can do the repair for less than $300 (and probably more like $350). That’s too much for most people to pay. Plus we would have spend tens of thousands of dollars just to stock the parts in our stores. It wasn’t feasible to offer this service.

Galaxy S3 Repair Process

Steffen removing the cracked glass.

Until now.

We spent the last couple months investigating a few possible solutions to this problem. We discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an interesting construction. In particular, the digitizer (this is what senses your finger touches) is built directly into the LCD (the part that displays the picture). Samsung refers to this as Super AMOLED technology. This is different than most smartphones where the LCD, digitizer, and surface glass are three separate components that are all fused together. This fusion of parts means, even if the LCD and digitizer are still working fine, you need to replace them to replace the cracked glass.

Our hope was that this new construction of the Galaxy S3 would allow us to remove just the glass and reuse the LCD/digitizer. It’s the LCD/digitizer combo that’s the expensive part of the assembly. The glass is pretty inexpensive.

Through our research we discovered a set of tools and techniques that allowed us to separate just the glass from the rest of the components. The big trick, and what gave us the most trouble, was finding an optimal temperature to heat the surface glass to that allowed the removal of the glass from the LCD. If you don’t get it hot enough, the adhesive holding the glass down doesn’t loosen and you can break the LCD pulling on the glass. Get it too hot and you burn the LCD. Either way, you’re shelling out $250 for a full Galaxy S screen assembly. But if you get the temperature just right (we use an infrared thermometer to ensure this), the adhesive releases easily without damaging the LCD.

Fully Repaired Galaxy S3

Fully fixed and ready to go.

What does all this mean for you? It means you save a lot of money. Instead of paying $300+ to get your cracked Galaxy S3 screen fixed you pay, at the time of this writing, $119. That price includes the parts, labor, and a 6 month warranty. In addition, we can get it fixed for you the same day you bring it in. It currently takes about 2 hours but that should drop significantly over the coming month.

If you’ve been living with an ugly and cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 screen because it was too expensive to fix (or you didn’t even know it could be fixed), you now have an affordable solution.

Update #1: The #1 question we get asked by people reading this post is if we fix the Galaxy S4. The answer to that question is now yes. Check out our Galaxy S4 Repair post.

Update #2: We received a lot of questions on this post and have done a separate post answering the top 12 questions we received. If you finish reading this post and have questions, check that post and comment there if you still have questions.

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170 Responses to “Inexpensive Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair”

  1. Kayla says:

    I dropped my Galaxy S 3 recently, and the corner of the screen shattered into really tiny pieces, and there are cracks theoughout the top half of the screen. The touch and everything it perfectly fine, it’s just the glass. I live in Mesa, Arizona, and was wondering if there’s somewhere I could take it? Or would I need to send it in? I’d really like to get it fixed, the cracks are becoming a little bothersome.

    • JCD Repair says:

      This is definitely something we can fix but we don’t have a store in Arizona. There may be someone local but I’m not sure. If you want, we could definitely fix it for you using our mail-in service. If you’d like to go that route, let us know and we can help you out (or just visit our Galaxy S3 repair page and choose the mail-in option to get started).

  2. Clariice Williiams says:

    dropped my phone and itll come but has black screen can u fix it

    • JCD Repair says:

      We can fix this but you’ll need our LCD repair. It’s significantly more expensive than our glass only service but, unfortunately, replacing the entire front screen assembly is the only option at this point if you have a black screen.

  3. Tomi says:

    I woke up one day and found the screen had stopped working. The screen isnt cracked, it just doesnt respond to any touch. it’ll work just fine occasionally, but for the most part the screen is dead. My repair guy says there is a problem with the touch mechanism and I need to replace the screen. Do you have any ideas what might be wrong? (The phone has dropped once)

    • JCD Repair says:

      Your guy is probably correct. You’ll need to replace the entire screen. Because Samsung built the digitizer (which senses your fingers) into the LCD (which displays the picture), you’re going to have to go the much more expensive route of a full screen repair.

      One caveat for you is water damage. It may be that your phone got wet at some point and, after a few days, the corrosion finally shorted something out and that’s why your screen isn’t working. In that case, a new screen assembly might not be the solution. I would check and see if your water damage sensors are tripped and if so, your only option might be a new phone or to find someone willing to do the water damage repair.

      • Corrine says:

        How do you check if the water damage sensors are tripped? My screen has had a nice crack right across it for the past 3 weeks. Worked fine but now has gone black. I can hear that it recognizes my touch, but can’t see anything on the screen. There’s a chance it got wet… Trying to figure out if a screen replacement is for me OR a whole new phone. Thank you for all the time you’re taking to reply to comments!

        • JCD Repair says:

          The water damage sticker is under the battery. Here’s a link to a short video on it.

          One thing to be aware of is that once your GS3 glass screen is broken, it becomes much easier to break the LCD under the glass. So it might be that you don’t have water damage but actually a broken LCD at this point.

  4. Katy says:

    My S3 is totally cracked but fully functional. My question is the red part in the lower right corner (around the home button) has come off and I can see some components. Is that part of the glass that is replaced? Or will I have to get a whole new phone? I have insurance but it’s a $199 deductable and would be a replacement not a repair and I really don’t want to have to set up a whole new phone. Thanks!

    • JCD Repair says:

      You shouldn’t need a whole new phone. Question: Do the home button and bottom navigation buttons (menu and back) still all work? If so, all you need is a new glass replacement. We currently charge $119 for that so a better deal than your insurance deductible. Plus, if we can’t fix it or something more is wrong, we’d give you the option to cancel the repair and wouldn’t charge you anything.

  5. jensen says:

    this is BS i just tried step for step. my screen was spider webbed really bad and it just game off in little pieces! i even had a screen protector on. now my LCD screen is destroyed so i have to turn it in to insurance. anyone who try’s this better be super careful because it looks and sounds easier than it is!!!!

    • JCD Repair says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your phone. You are definitely correct that this repair is difficult if you’ve never done it. I hope we didn’t make it sound like it’s easy in this post. That’s why the post has this sentence in it:

      “We spent the last couple months investigating a few possible solutions to this problem.”

      It took us at least 6-8 weeks to figure out all the right tools, temperatures, and techniques to make this go smoothly. I personally believe this isn’t a repair someone should try on their own unless they have done it before. It’s very tricky and you can easily cause much more expensive damage to the phone.

  6. Noor Mohammed says:

    Hello sir, Recently i Bought my new samsung galaxy s3 ( AMBER BROWN ) colour. And Accidentally i made a small crack on it.. it is possible to fix it with the same anber brown colour.? And how much it will be cost..? sir..

    Pls reply.. I’ll wait for ur reply sir.

    • JCD Repair says:

      We don’t carry the brown color – it’s one of the only colors we don’t have. If you want, we can easily put a different color on it (maybe the dark red?).

  7. Akeelah says:

    Heeey well I cracked my screen and it also have like scratches on the side where the screen is I really don’t like it so I was wondering if you could fix it.I also want to know where exactly you guys are located I stay in Georgia.

    • JCD Repair says:

      We can definitely fix your screen but would not do the housing around it. Replacing that housing requires replacing the entire front screen assembly which is much more expensive (more than twice the cost of just a glass replacement). The reason the housing is hard to replace is because the LCD is glued into it. It’s almost impossible to remove that LCD from the housing without breaking it. If you really want a new front housing, we can do that but you’d need to order our LCD repair instead of our glass only service.

      As to your location, we don’t have a store in Georgia at this time so you would have to use our mail-in service.

  8. Mehak says:

    can you please help me. I replaced the screen of my s3, just the glass. It was successful and everything works. The only problem is it lags at the time. I will be scrolling and it will just click on the icon i happened to scroll by. Would you know what causes that? Maybe the adhesive is on the digitizer cable or maybe it’s not and i need to put adhesive between the lcd and digitizer? any help would be appreciated:)

    • JCD Repair says:

      It’s hard to say for sure what’s wrong. It really depends on how you adhesived down your glass. Most likely you have the glass too far away from the LCD and that is causing it not to respond properly. How did you get the glass to stick to the LCD?

  9. Suzy says:

    I have a horrible crack in my Galaxy note 2 I live in California would you be able to fix it?

    • JCD Repair says:

      Not yet but it is a repair we are working on. It turns out the Note 2 has a few interesting issues of its own. It’s very similar to the Galaxy S3 but with a few significant differences. First, the screen is a lot bigger so it actually makes the LCD more fragile and easier to break. Secondly, there are some connectors on the top and bottom that must be avoided and properly approached to make sure no damage is done. Lastly, they use a different kind of adhesive to hold the LCD down (not the glass, but to hold the actual LCD in place). That adhesive releases at a pretty low temperature which results in the LCD pulling out with the glass.

      We are aware of all of these issues and currently working on a good, reliable, and repeatable process for dealing with all of them. I’d expect us to have that repair going some time in July.

  10. Gus says:

    I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S3’s that need repair, one has a speck of screen light but turns on and off and the other won’t turn on. I’m pretty sure the LCD must be replaced on one or maybe both. Would the $119 cover the repair per phone (so $238)? Do you accept mail job orders, I’m in Texas.

    • JCD Repair says:

      If the picture underneath is broken (which it sounds like it is on both phones), you will need our LCD repair. At the moment, that repair costs $279 per phone. It’s much more expensive than the glass only repair (which is the $119 price).

      If you’re interested, we can do that repair through the mail no problem.

  11. Andrew says:

    I was just sitting in my backyard and suddenly my phone fell out of my pocket and the upper part of the screen cracked. The LCD, and touch are perfectly working. I live in new york, and wanted to know a rough estimation of how much itd cost.

    • JCD Repair says:

      As of right now, our price for the repair you need (which is just the glass replacement) is $119. Since you live in New York, you’ll want to use our mail in service. For that we charge an additional $7.50 for the return shipping on your phone. You can use whatever shipping method you prefer to get it to us.

      Just so you know, the price above includes all parts, labor, and a 6 month warranty. We should be able to get it fixed for you in about 24 hours after we receive it.

  12. Nikki says:

    I dropped my s3 and the touch mechanism wont respond. I lost a lot of pictures and was wondering…. I can still use svoice and open my gallery but I cant touch the screen to select the album, is there anyway around this? Please help :(

    • JCD Repair says:

      Have you tried connecting your phone to a computer using a USB cable? That should work. If not, another option would be to pull the SD card out and use a SD reader to get your photos.

  13. Jevan says:

    I dropped my galaxy note on my hardwood floor..the screen slowy turned colors then by the end of the day my screen was fully black but the buttons still light up i cant see a thing..Can you fix??? i live in NC…

    • JCD Repair says:

      It sounds like you have a broken LCD and that is something we can fix. You’ll want our Galaxy S3 LCD repair. Since you’re in North Carolina, you’ll have to use our mail-in service.

      You should be able to find most of the info you need on our site. If not, feel free to email or call us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

  14. Salvador Valenzuela says:

    I Live In Hemet, CA.
    &’ I Was Wondering If There Was Anyone Who Could Fix My Screen ASAP!
    I Would Definitely Love A Low Price!
    Plese Get Back To Me ASAP!

  15. zulma tema says:

    Hello I drop my phone and the screen its cracked. I leave in Illinois its there any place where I can take my phone to fix it

    • JCD Repair says:

      If you live near Chicago, you can bring the phone into our store at 2351 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60614. We can get it fixed for you in about 2 hours with an appointment.

      If you live too far outside the city, you can use our mail-in service and we’ll get it fixed and sent back to you within about 24 hours.

  16. Kizzy says:

    My husband dropped his phone in the tub and now his screen is black can this be repaired

  17. Hawa says:

    Hey, My phone just went black but the phone is working because the lights light up when i touch them, What do i do to get the screen to appear again :(

  18. Paul Ratcliff says:

    When you fit the new glass do you apply more adhesive? If so which one?


    • JCD Repair says:

      We use an adhesive of our own design. It’s fairly low cost but seals super tightly. It also goes on very quickly and is completely clear. This is actually one of the reasons we can do the glass repair for as low of a cost as we do and still end up with a high quality repair.

      • Paul Ratcliff says:

        Oh. I’m in the UK so it’s not possible for me to send you my phone are you able to email me any more details on the glue? I appreciate you’re running a business so do not want to advertise your techniques to the world. Thanks Paul.

  19. Garrett says:

    Hey, my phone got a few cracks on it at work so i’m looking to get the screen replaced. Do you guys have a shop here in California? Preferably Sacramento area?

  20. Gabriela says:

    I have a question, I dropped my Galaxy S3 yesterday and it looks like it cracked from the inside of the phone the glass on top is fine.But the inside has a slight crack coming down from the left corner down to the middle of the phone, the left side of the phone started to get dark (foggy like) and I can not see anything and it spread although out the middle of the phone I can only see some of the right side. Also the touch screen wont work at all I cant unlock my phone. So my question is, is there anyway I can buy the parts myself and take it to someone that can fix it for me? If so what parts do I need to buy? Thank you.

    • JCD Repair says:

      It’s the LCD under your glass that’s broken so you’ll need the full screen housing. It is possible to do this yourself but its still going to be expensive. Those parts run about $200. Also, the full assemblies are slightly different for each carrier. You can find your exact part number under your phone’s battery. Make sure whatever part you buy will work for that phone.

  21. chelcy currant says:

    I dropped and cracked my galaxy s3 a few days ago. Its in the top right corner and kind of spider webbed across the top. Everything functions just fine except when its on the main screen it twitches. Will you be able to fix it? And the color its in is titanium/grey. Thanks.

    • JCD Repair says:

      As long as the touch functionality works and the picture appears fine when the phone is sitting still, you should be fine with just our standard glass only repair.

      The “twitching” your seeing is probably from your fingers pressure on the glass. Now that its cracked, the glass can apply more pressure in certain spots and cause that distortion. In this case, you want to get it fixed sooner rather than later. That weaker glass makes the LCD more susceptible to breaking. Then you’ll need a more expensive repair.

  22. Vanessa says:

    So, tonight my husband tried replacing his cracked screen himself. In doing so, the digitizer came off at the same time. We’re sitting here with a new screen and broken phone. We are in the Tacoma area, so Redmond would be a bit of a drive but doable. Is this something you could fix in a day? Thanks

    • JCD Repair says:

      We may be able to fix that for you in a day. My guess is your husband broke the LCD so you’ll now need our full LCD repair (which, unfortunately, is considerably more expensive).

      You can give both our Redmond and Seattle shops a call to see if they have those LCD screens in stock. Unlike the glass (which we stock a lot of) the LCD screens are so expensive that we stock only a small number. If they have them in stock, the repair should only take an hour. If not, they can call you when more come in.

  23. kacie Leigh says:

    My Galaxy S 3 screen is cracked. It still works but can Geek Squad at best buy replace my screen? If so how much?

    • JCD Repair says:

      I don’t believe the Geek Squad does that repair. I’m not 100% sure. At best, they may be willing to take a trade on your phone and give you a discount on a new one. I’m really not sure.

      If you can let me know what you find out if you contact them, I’d appreciate it. If anyone reading this knows, please let us know on this thread.


  24. Michael Caputo says:

    Got a cracked s3 and Note2
    Screens each have only 1 crack and both work properly. It is simply annoying. Out in New york? Preferably long island?

    • JCD Repair says:

      The only problem with not fixing these is that the weaker glass may make the LCD more susceptible to breaking. Other than that, it shouldn’t cause you problems. Maybe try a good case to protect it.

      We actually don’t have a repair store in New York. Your best option, if you want us to fix it, is to send it to us in Chicago.

  25. Alamgir Nasir says:

    Are the screens for all versions of the s3 the same? I have the korean version and I broke its digitizer.

    • JCD Repair says:

      The actual glass and LCD/digitizer are the same for all versions but the full screen assemblies are not – the frames that hold the glass are different. You’ll need to look under you battery to get the exact Galaxy S3 version number. Then you’ll need a full assembly that’s compatible with that number.

  26. Troy Gelinas says:

    My wife dropped her samsung galaxy s3 and now the touch screen won’t respond. The side button and the center bottom button both respond. We have a 100 deductible. Does it seem like it’s just the 119 repair? If so, maybe we do that and not hassle with the insurance. We’re on Miami. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • JCD Repair says:

      If the touchscreen doesn’t work, then you need to get the entire screen replaced – not just the glass. So it’s our more expensive repair.

      If you have insurance, I’d go that route for this repair.

  27. Rachael says:

    Hi! I recently dropped my galaxy s3 and wanted to get the screen fixed. I was wondering if you had a store near Chicago, Illinois? And if so, how many and where? And I not, would I be able to send in my phone and have you fix it? Thank you so much!

    • JCD Repair says:

      We have a repair store in Chicago. It’s right next to DePaul University on the west side of the Lincoln Park neighborhood. That’s the only store we have in Chicago at the moment.

      If you want to get it fixed, give us a shout to setup an appointment and we should have it ready for you in 2 hours or less.

  28. hector costa cortes says:

    hi i live in rhode island i dont think you guys are here but how can i go about sending it to u guys i have a galaxy s3 with cracked glass but fully functional

    • JCD Repair says:

      Ho to our Galaxy S3 screen repair page and scroll down. On the bottom right you’ll see an option to mail us your phone. It should be pretty simple from there but if you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout.

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